Tuesday, June 28, 2016

UBMS Summer 2016 commences!

The UBMS Summer Program for 2016 has officially begun!  It remains extremely rewarding to see the excitement the students, instructors, and UBMS team hold for the remaining six weeks.  The students were rightfully introduced to the summer program on Opening Day with the help of the UBMS team, Marian staff and faculty, and Paradigm Shift.  Students were reminded of the effort and dedication put into the existence of this program on behalf of the UBMS team and Marian staff and faculty.  After Garry Moise, Marian President Dr. Andrew P. Manion, Ph.D., and the UBMS team had addressed the students, Paradigm Shift introduced the students to a variety of enriching team building activities.  It was great to see all the students interacting with each other, the UBMS team, and the teaching assistants.  While the activities organized by Paradigm Shift allowed the students to experience carefree fun amongst each other, each activity remained constructive as each possessed underlying meanings and valuable messages.  Not only did this allow the students to get to know and understand each other and the UBMS team members/teaching assistants on a more advanced level, but also provided them with the opportunity to see how valuable team work and leadership truly are in any setting.  The students additionally were given the opportunity to apply all they had learned about team work, leadership, dedication, and hard work to school, homework, and preparations for college.  The activities organized by Paradigm Shift were a wonderfully constructive learning experience and an excellent way to kick off the start of the Summer 2016 program! 

After the excitement and festivities from Opening Day, students continued their enthusiasm as they attended the first two days of classes.  The technology, math, science, and communications classes offered will only further prepare the students for college while also introducing them to fun and innovative experiments, projects, and activities.  The classes will provide them with a variety of learning experiences and new opportunities while also heightening their interest in college courses and college life.  Students will also attend enrichment activities, such as workshops, to further apply their interests in science, math, technology, and college/career preparations.  Visits to other universities will begin the student’s foundation in exploring what different universities have to offer their students’ desires.  Additional visits to museums and local manufacturing corporations will allow the students to see the history and advancements with technology while also expanding their knowledge on how science, math, and technology continue to remain inextricably connected to promote efficiency and improvements.   Overall, the students remain engaged in the learning process and continue to show interest in expanding their knowledge with the courses and opportunities provided!  The following six weeks will continue to be filled excitement and enthusiasm as the students grow and discover their interests!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Winter is gone and Spring Break is (almost) here!

Spring break is an exciting and refreshing time of the year for most students. After sitting through weeks of classes following winter break, it’s about time that students, and teachers, should get to enjoy the spring air. The notorious question may begin to stew in one’s head… What am I going to do over break? After reading this post perhaps ones question could be answered. This spring break maybe you could pledge to do something new and stay active both mentally and physically. 

2016 Spring Break Idea List: 
  • To exercise your inner creativeness, look on Pinterest and find a project to accomplish. If you already have something in mind, such as creating your own fishing pole or making homemade cupcakes, look up Youtube tutorials to help you begin your new adventure.
  • To exercise your physical needs, take your bike out of the garage and pump up those tires. Try and go on a 30 minute bike ride everyday- maybe this could be a family activity. If you don’t have a bike, or you can’t find yours, go on a two mile walk or pick up a new pastime like running.
  • To exercise your social needs, put your phone down- of course after you make your plans. Ask your friends if they want to meet up at the park and have a picnic, to try out your cooking skills, or go to the movies on Tuesday- $5 days.
  • To exercise your mind, get an app to keep your brain working. After all you do want to keep your brain sharp so you seem like the smartest person at school the following week. Some brain game ideas are Lumosity Mobile, Elevate – Brain Training, and Fit Brains Trainer- Guess what they are all FREE on your smartphone or tablet!
  • Finally, get all your assigned homework done the first couple days of break. Once you finish, you will be able to enjoy the break and not think about school. (Except for maybe reading a book, or two, and playing some brain games)
 A week off of school does not seem like a long time but in reality it is 305 hours. Before it gets too late and you keep questioning what to do, think of a new idea and stay active too.

TRIO Day Celebration

Marian TRIO Programs Celebrate National TRIO Day

On February 18th, 2016 Marian University’s TRIO Program celebrated National TRIO Day. Faculty, staff, parents and students of TRIO SSS and UBMS gathered to discuss the impact of TRIO, a federally-funded college-based education opportunity outreach program, on their lives. Vice President of Student Engagement, Kate Candee, began the night by welcoming everyone and introducing guest speakers. Four students both current and Alumna gave their testimonies as to why TRIO works. Cece Fairbanks, current high school senior, and Aracely Torres, freshman at UW-Oshkosh spoke on behalf of UBMS. Courtney Clark, current Marian Student, and Reginald Parson, program Alum, spoke on behalf of SSS. Following the testimonies, Thomas Petri, former Republican U.S. Representative for Wisconsin spoke on the importance education. While serving in the House of Representative, 34% of his sponsored bills were related to education, including TRIO Education Access Act of 2002. After the keynote speaker Tracy Abler introduced the table talk question, “How do you see yourself contributing to the Fond du Lac community, the State, the Country, and/or the World as a result of your TRIO experience?” Students, parents and staff then shared their opinions about the how their lives have been impacted through their TRIO experiences.